Your First Structural Engineering Site Visit

If it’s your first time working with a structural engineer, you may not know what to expect. Some of our clients have told us that they worried about what information they might need to know for the first visit. Others have even expressed concerns that they don’t know enough math to fully understand what will happen during the site visit.

Not true! The only thing you should have to do, as the homeowner, is open the door.

During the typical home site visit, the structural engineer will work with you to review any structural damages or inconsistencies, as well as take any measurements that might be needed. Everything else, such as drawings, reviews, and calculations, is typically taken care of by the structural engineer in the office.

If you’re building a new house from the ground up, it may require several visits and/or meetings to accomplish the final outcome. Many times, clients designing new homes will change layouts, details and materials which may require new drawings and reviews.

If you require any other information for your specific remodeling needs, we will let you know before the meeting so that you will have all the information ready, but in most cases, the homeowner does nothing more than allow us in to do our remodeling magic!

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