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Why You Should Hire A Structural Engineer To Inspect Your Home

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, build a new home, or have owned your home for decades, it is important to do proper inspections. Making sure your home is properly inspected is vital to your health as well as your home’s resale value in the future. One of the most important inspections you can conduct is a structural integrity inspection. It is especially important to have this done before you buy a home or when you are building your home. There are many reasons you should have your home’s foundation inspected by a professional. Learn more about why you should hire a structural engineer to inspect your home, and how to choose one, by reading below:


It goes without saying that when it comes to your home you want to make sure anyone inspecting it has the proper qualifications and certifications. Structural engineers are well-trained professionals and know how to properly conduct a home inspection. Compared to home inspectors, structural engineers often have more experience and are more qualified to conduct the inspection. Their findings can also be extremely valuable. If the home belongs to you, getting inspection results will help you know what work needs to be done to fix your foundation.

Negotiating a Price:

If you are purchasing a new home, having a structural engineer inspect the home’s foundation could have an important effect on the buying process. Knowing any issues with the property you are buying can help you negotiate a fairer price or decide to pass on the property. Compared to a free contractor’s inspection, a structural engineer inspection is much less biased, and will assist in you making a well-informed decision about the property.

Have Peace of Mind:

Even if the inspection turns up nothing it is far from a waste of time or money. Knowing that your foundation has structural integrity is invaluable to a homeowner. It is much safer to know about your home’s structural integrity than risk not knowing and possibly losing your home in the future due to damage.

If you are looking to a buy a new home, have recently bought a new home without getting a proper inspection, or are looking to build a home you should consider having a structural engineer look at your foundation. Overall, the benefits of having this inspection are vital to any homeowner. At Fluent Design Group we can help inspect your home and give you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

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