Opening Cramped Spaces In Your Home

Regardless of the size of your home, it is generally easy to remedy a cramped space by simply removing existing walls. But figuring out whether those walls are load bearing or not ends up being the determining factor on whether the walls can be removed.

Some of the more common transformations we see are projects like creating a master suite from two small bedrooms. Or, creating an open layout kitchen by removing the dividing wall between the respective rooms. This tends to be the case with older homes, since most newly built home layouts are open to begin with.

One recent project we did involved combining a front room and kitchen to create an open concept kitchen. The homeowner barely ever used the dining room and after the renovation, he could enjoy the expanded kitchen space more. The homeowners stressed the importance of making the new layout design look like it was part of the original design, and that’s what we did! Here you can see the final product.