How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

What kind of house are you interested in getting built? Perhaps you want a custom-designed home or a personalized production home. The length of time that is required to house a home is a vital part of the construction process. Moreover, different types of homes require a different time span to complete. Let’s take a closer look at some factors that impact the time it takes to build a house.

Time Needed to Build a Custom Home

A custom home can come with many complexities depending on what features a customer wants in the home. This, coupled with the size, location and the season in which it is being built can impact the time required to complete construction. Typically, if the land is ready to build on and the project goes as planned, with no major obstacles, such as weather delays, a custom house could take between 10 and 16 months to build.


Customer: The customer has a huge role in ensuring that things go smoothly since many important decisions will be up to that person to finalize. If a customer fails to obtain selected items needed in the construction process and doesn’t work with the contractor to get certain things done, the building process could be delayed by weeks.


Other Factors:

  • Change Orders: This can cause major delays, especially if they occur later during construction.
  • Plan Modification: Modifying the home purchase plans could extend the building time as you wait for the approval of local building departments.
  • Architect-designed Custom Home: If you choose to have your purchase plans modified and assessed by an architect, add 3-7 months to the building timeline, to cover the design and permit procurement.


Time Needed to Build a Personalized Production Home

A personalized production home can be built in a short time period. It generally takes between 3 and 4 months to complete. In the event of weather and supply delays, or customer design changes, the building process could be extended by another 2 months.


Floor plans usually get approved without delays because they have been used several times before in building. The process will flow smoother because both the contractor and subcontractors know the specific building materials required and will likely avoid order delays. The buyer has a role in being available to make selections, or changes, where needed to avoid a setback in getting the home completed on schedule.


The design, location, size and customer cooperation all play a role in determining the time it will take to build a house. Fluent Design Group is a premier home builder, offering new innovative designs, and unique, customizable options that can give you the beautiful home of your dreams.

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