House Settling or A Sign of Serious Danger?

Have you noticed the sound of your home settling? Are there cracks in the walls, foundation or around the windows? These could be a sign of more problems to come. If you notice any of these getting worse, it might be worth calling someone to come out and take a look.

It seems as though every week there’s a story on the news about either a home or business in or around Philadelphia that has failed structurally. A majority of these structures that failed have been older than 50 years, and many of these tragic events could have been prevented with a simple inspection of the structure at the time the signs were noticed.

Some of the signs you want to look for are cracking in the walls or foundation and small cracks around windows or in the ceiling. Also, check for any windows and doors that don’t operate properly. If you see problems like wall and floor gaps or bowing rafters, you may want to seriously consider calling a professional contractor for an inspection to give you and your family peace of mind!