Red Barn near Florence Township, NJHere at Fluent Design Groups, we are proud to be able to provide Florence Township, NJ with all of our custom home design, addition, renovation, and interior design services.  Whether you are looking to build a new addition, renovate your home, or you’re interested in constructing a brand new home in the Florence Township, Fluent Design Group is ready to help! Located roughly 20 miles from our home-base in Langhorne, PA, we have worked in the Florence Township area for years, and we are happy to assist the residents with any of their construction or design needs! With nearly 13,000 residents spread among roughly 5,000 households, there are plenty of Florence Township residents in need of our construction and renovation services. Take a look below to see the services we offer to the Florence Township community!

Our Leading Services: 

Custom Home Design

If you are interested in constructing the home of your dreams, Fluent Design Group is ready to help! We are proud to be able to offer our Custom Home Design services to the Florence Township Community.  We are ready to help you carry out your vision! No matter what style you are interested in creating, from a Modern getaway in the countryside, to a Colonial Revival, Fluent Design Group can assist!

Home Additions/Renovations

Sometimes, we meet homeowners who love their homes, but they wish they had a bit more space to live in.  For those homeowners, we are happy to provide our home addition services.  We can help you build any kind of addition, from a playroom for your children, to an additional bedroom for your growing family, to a sunroom to enjoy those warm summer days! However, we also speak to homeowners who enjoy the amount of space they have in their home, but not the way it’s constructed.  For these homeowners, we offer our home renovation services! If you are interested in updating your living space, from new fixtures in your bathroom, to brand new floors in your bedroom, our team is ready to assist you with any of your home renovation needs! Whether you need to build a brand new room or simply update your existing ones, Fluent Design Group is ready to help!

Interior Design

Another popular service we offer here at Fluent Design Group is our interior design services! We can help you create any aesthetic you would like, from modern, to vintage, to rustic, and more! We love being able to turn our homeowner’s visions into reality! Let our team turn your home’s outdated interior into the house that you’ve been dreaming of!

For more information about Fluent Design Group, please feel free to reach out to us today. We can be contacted over the phone at 215-372-0333 or through our online contact form.