Different Types of Home Additions

A home addition comes in so many different styles, types, and sizes. As a homeowner, you have a broad range of ways that you can transform your house. As a custom home builder and remodeler, we wanted to share some of the more popular ways you can expand your house.

1. Bump Out

Instead of creating a completely new room, a bump out is an extension to a current room in your house. These bump outs often lay down a new roofline. It’s a very popular addition for kitchens if you are looking to add a kitchen island and the current size of your kitchen doesn’t fit your interior ideas.

2. House/Room Addition

This addition is nothing less than adding a whole new section to your house. It is usually added for a new dining room, family room, or bedroom. You are basically building a mini house with the help of an architect, contractor, wiring, plumbing and more.

3. Sunroom

Almost like a new room addition but without as much work, a sunroom has always been a popular addition that adds a different style of living that homeowners don’t currently have with their house.

4. Garage: 

Expanding upon your garage is tempting for so many people. You can add a room to this space above, connect it to your house and more!

There are so many ways that you can complete a house addition, exterior addition and conversion project within your house!

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