Interior Trends

Creative Interior Trends

Spring is many homeowners favorite time of the year to spruce up their home and we are here to help. With so many options around the house to improve, where do you start? Below, are some of our favorite ideas to incorporate the latest interior trends of the year.


  1. Embellishments: If you are looking to add small touches such as macramé, fringing, tufting, tassels, or feathers to your room, this is the perfect season to do it. Adding beautiful handmade quality items to each room will create a nice warming mood. Tactile cushions for the sofa or tassels on the bed are a great start to adding personality to your room’s decor as well.


  1. Pastel Colors: “Gelato” or “Ice cream” colors are going to be huge for interior fashion this year, and what better timing to get started rather than now. Refreshing your home with soft, calming, and romantic shades will provide a neutral base for any room.


  1. Geometrics: This is a trend that was popular for cushions and rugs last year. This year, it’s all about tiles, wallpaper, and art. While these are a fun motif, geometric patterns should only be used sparingly as this will create a visual cluster which takes away the design of your room.


  1. Foliage: When it comes to adding plants to your room, there’s nothing quite like bringing the outside in. This will immediately make the room feel fresh and more alive. Also, it does a great job filling in those empty spaces! A well-selected plant is just as important as any other accessory as it can enhance the look and feel of your home with its natural approach.


  1. Gold: This season is the time to be creative with your interiors by adding metallic finishes with a pop of gold. Yes, gold is the key color that brings in the elegant and vibrant feel into your room. Whether it is gold handles, pendant, door knobs and handles, or gold picture frames, these are must-haves, and we promise you-you won’t be disappointed with the result!


If you’re looking to transform and add character to your home this year, consider speaking to our design consultants at Fluent Design Group. We have the up-to-date modern technology that will allow us to create usable and aesthetically pleasing architectural space in your home or property into something you will be proud of. Designing and building spaces that are both attractive and functional is our specialty, and we would love to hear from you.