Fluent Design Group provides drawings of any architectural or structural design changes for commercial and residential projects. In the home, design changes include additions, renovations and basement remodeling. Keep in mind, even custom home designs need construction documents. If a load bearing wall is preventing an open kitchen or expansion to your home, our in-house engineer can calculate and design the support needed for your dream renovation.

Design consultation is provided to ensure the completed project meets the client’s vision. Our designers will work with the client or homeowner throughout the construction process and design phase until completion. We will also gather the required information in order to attain a construction permit. Once the permit is retrieved, we’ll provide this permit to the builder or remodeler.


Provided services include:

  • Floorplans and elevations
  • Architectural or structural details
  • Lighting plans
  • Drawings for permit
  • Load calculations

Any architectural or structural changes not listed can be discussed through our contact below.