5 Ways To Prepare For Your Addition Design Meeting

By preparing for your initial design meeting with our draftsman, you’ll be able to increase the productivity of the meeting. Here are some of the action items we recommend you take before the meeting:

1. Formulate a budget: Go through your finances and figure out how much you can afford to spend on the project. When making cost projections, err on the safe side and allocate about $200 per square foot at a minimum to be conservative. Keep in mind that pricing may be higher depending on the finishing that you choose.

2. Do basic research on zoning requirements. Although our team at Fluent Design will provide insights into the zoning requirements for your property such as setbacks and impervious surfaces, along with zoning history, you might want to learn more before the meeting by conducting private research and even calling your local municipality.

3. Bring inspirational photos. At the meeting, you can show our team what it is that you want the final project to look like. If you’re still not sure of what designs you want, feel free to tear different images from magazines or show us online photos, so we can have a discussion about what you like best about each one. This way, we can work together to create a final design that you’re happy with!

4. Create a preliminary timeline. Your timeline is important to have a handle on. For example, think about the season you want your project finished in. Take into consideration the time for design, construction documents, permit submitals, construction and final inspections.

5. Research different contractors. If you have a contractor in mind, reach out to them about the timing and budget for your project. However, if you’re looking for a contractor, we’d be happy to recommend one for you, since we’ve work with different contractors in the area on past projects.